We master the soil

Key soil investigation, improvement and remediation provider, Menard develops foundation solutions based on ground improvement and reinforcement technologies that eliminate the need for the deep foundations traditionally used to support surface structures. The Group operates throughout the infrastructure life cycle, offering expertise in soil.

We master the soil

A talajvizsgálat, talajjavítás és kármentesítés egyik fő szolgáltatója a Menard csoport, aki olyan talajjavítási megoldásokat és talajmegerősítési technológiákat fejleszt, amelyek kiküszöbölik a műtárgyak alátámasztására hagyományosan használt mélyalapozási folyamatokat. A csoport az infrastruktúra teljes életciklusa alatt tevékenykedik, talajjal kapcsolatos szakértelmet kínálva.

About Menard in Eastern Europe

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Menard’s know-how

With a wide range of techniques, Menard is able to offer a solution to any soil problem you may encounter in the construction field.

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Menard’s know-how

From design to construction, Menard proposes and implements innovative foundation solutions based on high-performance ground improvement and reinforcement techniques.

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Safety first

Health and safety is a choice. At Menard, we have chosen health and safety as a core value that helps create the positive culture we strive for in all our business units around the world.

Less is more

At Menard, we have always strived to do more with less. This statement may seem strange to some, but for us it is a strong belief and reality. Being smart and efficient, simplifying what we do, refusing to waste effort and coming up with new ideas, using fewer resources to complete a task, and exploiting the potential for improvement and growth that innovation offers.

Menard Style – Menard stílus

Be Curious, Be Entrepreunarial, Be Simple

Work hard and have fun

At Menard, we believe that good performance is closely linked to a good working atmosphere. And since we spend most of our time at work, we’d better feel comfortable there.

Our management principles are based on the principles of servant leadership, where each manager focuses on serving their team. We promote pragmatic behaviour based on responsibility, accountability and transparency.

Sectors of activity

Menard delivers not only piles but the full range of improvement of foundation terrain techniques to provide effective, innovative and economical solutions for its clients. Our teams design, build and refurbish all types of ports, airports, highways, railways, buildings, process and energy infrastructure


Ports and airports

Rail & Roads

Process & Energy


Menard offers not only piling, but the full range of foundation landscaping techniques to provide efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions for its customers. Our team designs, constructs or renovates foundations for all types of port, airport, highway, railway, building, industrial and energy infrastructure.

CMC | Controlled Modulus Columns

Menard developed rigid inclusions – Controlled Modulus Columns in the 1990s to overcome problems of lateral confinement in highly compressible and organic soils. They are now used in all types of soil (cohesive or granular) up to depths of 30 meters or more. If soil condition requires, CMC auger can be changed into Continues formed auger CFA.

SC | Stone Columns

Stone Columns (vibro columns) is a ground improvement technique that reinforces the soil with a network of stone compacted columns.

BMC | Bi-Modulus Columns

Bi-Modulus columns is a Ground Improvement technique that reinforces the soil by a combination of rigid inclusions CMC and Stone Vibro Columns

DSM | Deep Soil Mixing

Soil Mixing is a ground improvement technique that reinforces the soil by mixing in situ a network of grout and soil columns.

DC | Dynamic Compaction

Dynamic Compaction is a ground improvement technique that densifies the soil by repeatedly pounding it with a high energy pounder.

DR | Dynamic Replacement

Dynamic Replacement is a ground improvement technique that reinforces fine grained soils with a network of dynamically pounded pillars.

HEIC | High Energy Impact Compaction

Menard provides ground improvement solutions for all types of process and energy projects, from small to large, all around the world.

VC | Vibrocompaction

Vibrocompaction is a ground improvement technique that densifies the soil by shaking it with a vibro probe.

VD | Vertical Drains

Vertical drains, also known as prefabricated vertical drains or wick drains, are made up of a plastic core surrounded by a geotextile that acts as a filter to prevent clogging.

Menard Vacuum™

Menard Vacuum™ is designed to accelerate consolidation of cohesive, highly compressible soils. The process consists in creating a negative pressure under an airtight membrane laid over the soil, which generates atmospheric pressure on the soil, equivalent to the pressure exerted by a 4 meter embankment.

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